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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a weekend!!

And it is almost over, already. BOO!! It is amazing how fast a weekend can just fly by while on the other hand the week just drags, and drags, and drags. This weekend, of course, flew by and is almost over.

Saturday was a great day. The girls had swim lessons first thing in the AM. After class we headed to the mall to get some shopping done. Alexis had to pick out a gift for her friend who had a party today. She decided to get her a huge candy necklace making kit. It was pretty sweet, and in all honesty, I wouldnt mind having one myself ;) We stopped for lunch and rummaged through a few other stores picking up some odds and ends. Daddy B and I decided to spoil ourselves with a new wii game. We got the new wii resort and Im going to head back to get the mario and sonic winter olympics. We have a thing with buying wii games lately, but its one of those things we enjoy doing together in the evenings (although, let me tell you, 2 competative people playing against each other gets very interesting LOL). We headed to home sense to check out the christmas and general home decor...again. I swear, we have an obsession with that store lately. I love that we are finally decorating our home the way we want. Feels great!!

So after our little afternoon extravaganza we came home to get Brooke for a nap, which thankfully, she did not fight. We babysat my neice last night so my sister could go out with friends and enjoy her bday. We took the 2 girls alone with our neighbour and her 2 boys to see Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. GREAT movie! I recommend it to anyone with little ones. The girls adored it. That was the gist of our night. Came home and entertained 3 screaming girls and then finally got some much needed down time.

Today was another great day. For the cold summer we had, we have been blessed with a pretty decent fall. It was 15 out today (about 59 for you american peeps) and they are calling for 18...yes, 18 tomorrow!!!!! (64!!!) We, of course, are super excited about this and have been taking full advantage of the nice weather. After our whole morning spent at gym, shopping and bday parties, we spend this afternoon outside enjoying some time together, getting yard work done and playing in the leaves. Hopefully tomorrow we can enjoy the great outdoors just as much! I have some pics from today that I need to upload and share.

Tis all for now. The clean laundry folded on the couch is calling my name and the girls have beddie by in 40 short minutes.