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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a weekend!!

And it is almost over, already. BOO!! It is amazing how fast a weekend can just fly by while on the other hand the week just drags, and drags, and drags. This weekend, of course, flew by and is almost over.

Saturday was a great day. The girls had swim lessons first thing in the AM. After class we headed to the mall to get some shopping done. Alexis had to pick out a gift for her friend who had a party today. She decided to get her a huge candy necklace making kit. It was pretty sweet, and in all honesty, I wouldnt mind having one myself ;) We stopped for lunch and rummaged through a few other stores picking up some odds and ends. Daddy B and I decided to spoil ourselves with a new wii game. We got the new wii resort and Im going to head back to get the mario and sonic winter olympics. We have a thing with buying wii games lately, but its one of those things we enjoy doing together in the evenings (although, let me tell you, 2 competative people playing against each other gets very interesting LOL). We headed to home sense to check out the christmas and general home decor...again. I swear, we have an obsession with that store lately. I love that we are finally decorating our home the way we want. Feels great!!

So after our little afternoon extravaganza we came home to get Brooke for a nap, which thankfully, she did not fight. We babysat my neice last night so my sister could go out with friends and enjoy her bday. We took the 2 girls alone with our neighbour and her 2 boys to see Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. GREAT movie! I recommend it to anyone with little ones. The girls adored it. That was the gist of our night. Came home and entertained 3 screaming girls and then finally got some much needed down time.

Today was another great day. For the cold summer we had, we have been blessed with a pretty decent fall. It was 15 out today (about 59 for you american peeps) and they are calling for 18...yes, 18 tomorrow!!!!! (64!!!) We, of course, are super excited about this and have been taking full advantage of the nice weather. After our whole morning spent at gym, shopping and bday parties, we spend this afternoon outside enjoying some time together, getting yard work done and playing in the leaves. Hopefully tomorrow we can enjoy the great outdoors just as much! I have some pics from today that I need to upload and share.

Tis all for now. The clean laundry folded on the couch is calling my name and the girls have beddie by in 40 short minutes.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just had to share

I know its bright and over exposed, but when your 5yr old takes a self portrait because they like to look at their beauty, you just have to share! Look at this little ladies eyes. Do you see why this mama can't say no to her.

Add that face to the mix and this mama is one BIG sucker!

Monday, October 26, 2009

As of late

I have been a blog slacking tool. So, cheers to a new start and a daily pile of junk from me!

Life has been hectic. We all just got over a nasty run of the flu, everyone other then Daddy B that is. How on earth that man avoids getting everything is beyond me, but I would trade immune systems with him in a heartbeat. We are unsure of what flu we had as they are no longer testing here unless you are hospitalized but it was nasty! Alexis was in the ER for 10hours and we made about 8 trips to and from the doctors and clinics between the 3 of us. I still have the lingering cough but it is (way TMI here) finally losening up and Im able to get a bit of relief. For now anyways. Poor Alexis was down and out for 7 days and Me for 6. Brooklyn got off very easily and was only sick with a fever and such for 2, just mild stuff beyond that.

Alexis is in Senior Kindergarden and doing great. The things this child comes out with amazes me daily. Her teachers are always so impressed with her work but this mama believes she is way to smart for her own good. Testing will start next year, so that whole load will be very interesting! Lex just turned 5 on Thursday, which was spent at home as she was still battling the last bit of the flu. Luckily she was starting to perk up by that point and we were able to bake some birthday cupcakes together and enjoy a great dinner. Daddy B even got 1/2 a day off to spend with his special little lady.

Brooke...well...is Brooke. She is a pure 2yr old terror and honestly, we kind of love every minute of it. I know right, who on earth loves the terrors of a 2yr old. Let me tell you, this child is so full of charm, attitude and personality that my day would be an utter bore without her. Shes a little whip full of smarts and if you are not careful what you say or do around here, it will come back to bite you full force in the face at a later date.

Both the little ladies are in swim and gymnastics this fall/winter. Saturday morning swim class is alot of fun, both the girls are doing much, much better then expected. Lex, my child who fears the water, is the only one in her class who will now willingly swim under the water a few feet to her teacher. No fear on her. Brooke was a bit hesitant at first, which was strange, as she is not a hesitant person at all. She loves the water, but the idea of putting her whole head under was not a go at first. Now she will do under water throws (the instructor will take her, put her under water and "throw" her to daddy B) and put her face in without a second thought. Gym is as fun as always. Lexi is training like a little mad man and loving every second. SHe is so close to the 5 girls on her team that it is like going to play with your best friends every day that she goes. Brooklyn got placed in a class for 3/4yr olds (born in 2006) and the plan is to up her next summer to the spree team with the 06 girls as well. So far, so good. She definatly takes after her sister in the gymnastics department.

Well, that is all for now, stay tuned later this afternoon for our randoms of the day.

Monday, July 6, 2009

30 day Shred - Day 1&2

I just started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video. It consists of 3 20min workouts (levels 1, 2 and 3). You do one workout a day which is her 3-2-1 interval system. 3 Minutes strength training, 2 minutes Cardio, 1 minute Abs. Rotate 3 times. Let me tell you, it is TOUGH! I have never sweated and felt my heart pound so fast. It was worse then when I used to work out for an hour or 2 at the gym! I thought I would start blogging about my progress and journey with the shred. I have 10lbs I would like to lose, possibly 15. 1-2 pant sizes. Our vacation in Ocean City is in 12 days and I am **hoping** to drop a 1/2 pant size, which will put me in my clothes I bought for the trip (I had high expectations when I bought them).

So.day 2 is over. I did the workout during nap time. I sweated my non-existant balls off and feel to the floor panting after. The hardest part was working through the pain yesterday caused. I woke up this morning begging Brian to bring me Advil. I could barely get out of bed, let alone lower myself to the toilet. Even after a 40 HOT shower, I was still waddling like a duck. I hurt....hurt may be an understatement but Im praying this gives results. Something is definatly working those muscles! On top of the shred, I am also doing some ab exercises in the evenings while I watch my shows. Hope that helps with the pant size issue.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So Brooklyn.

These pics say it all, this is so Brooke and her sweet and cooky little personality.

A few days ago, playing with tangerines. She was creating a circle all around herself.



Upon trying to get Brooklyns bday pic, we ended up with quite a few cute ones. I just had to share.







Saturday, March 21, 2009

My little goobers

Friday I was blessed with a day off, so the girls and I took full advantage. We spent the morning at the local indoor playland and went out for lunch at Boston Pizza afterward. Came home for naptime and spent the rest of the day outside playing and doing crafts. It was some much needed time together and we all had a blast. I tried to take as many pics as possible at Little Goobers, but of course Alexis was so all over the place having fun that she wouldnt hold still for a single shot. Hense, there is only one picture of her when I finally caught her going down the slide. Brooklyn had a bit of trouble there, she is still too short to climb up to the top but thankfully my neice was there to give her a helping hand. I went up with her often and somehow I squeezed my fat ass through the little gaps. On to the good stuff.

Little Goobers


Up we go

Across the bridge

Stop for a nose pick

Cheating her way through

That was hard work!!

Back to climbing

She made it!

Across another bridge

Down the slide, but mommy missed that picture.
Time to rock

and the one and ONLY pictures of Alexis, slide on the left

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hold me to it!

I keep saying Im going to get this awful winter weight off, and I slack. I'm hoping that by posting it on here, everyone can keep me accountable for it. I have 15lbs as of this morning to shed, and 4 months to do it (hoping for 3 months). 5 lbs a month, I think I can accomplish that. So far my plan is to do the Jillian Micheals wii game for 30min in the morning (she kicks your ass!) and the fit for 30min-45min in the evening, or vise versa. I am also walking for 60-90min 4-5x per week with Shannon, so that should definatly help. Im not going to stick to a diet, because I am the worlds worst dieter. I just love my food too much. I have cut back on late snacking, no pop, water and 1 cup of juice a day as well as making healthy meals for the fam. Cross your fingers!